Sun Smart Indicator and Keeping Cool Tips

What do you do to cool down?
Here are some simple tips to help us get through this heat.

  • Avoid being outside between 11am -3pm – remember strict sunsafety practices. Keep yourself informed with the days UV index.
  • There is a Sunsmart app that you can down load which is very handy to help with planning
  • Real time UV index – check it out below –  If the UV is Orange (6-7), Red (8-10) or Purple (11 or higher) these are high and best to keep indoors and undercover during these times or limit the time outside and wear sun protective clothing, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and seek shady areas
  • Drink water frequently and encourage children to take regular sips of water throughout the day
  • Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine such as fruit juice/drink, soft drinks, coffee, tea.
  • Stay in cool areas as much as possible, inside the home with a fan/air con on
  • If going on outings: limit outside time and aim to use venues with air conditioning
  • Closing curtains and windows early in the morning will keep the home cooler throughout the day with the use of fans/air conditioning
  • Opening up windows and doors to capture a breeze – if there is one around!
  • Wear loose clothing, children may only be in nappies or just pants to assist them with cooling indoors and under cover in full shade
  • Use spray bottles of water to spray a mist at each other to cool ourselves down
  • Wet a piece of muslin or cotton cloth and place around neck, on wrists, behind knees – this has a great cooling effect especially if a fan is available



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