The Kids at Home Family Day Care Service (Scheme) is based in Brisbane (Queensland) and dedicated to providing all families with access to quality home based childcare places, working closely with our Educators, supporting them and building relationships that will add value, not just to their businesses, but also to the families and children they provide a service to.

Our Service

Our service (or scheme) is committed to, and passionate about Family Day Care. We believe that our Educators and families should not have to deal with an organisation only partly focused on their needs. Unlike many other childcare schemes, we are 100% Family Day Care!

Kids at Home Service Goals

  • To provide first class, quality home based child care for Australian families, regardless of cultural, ethnic or socio-economic background
  • To become the service of choice for Family Day Care Educators in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs
  • To expand into other states, actively contributing to the positive promotion and growth of Family Day Care in Australia

Award Winning

Kids at Home was named as Australia’s best Family Day Care Service in 2017, we were also selected as the best in QLD/NT in the 2019 Awards, and April Eaton from Kids at Home was named Educator of the Year! We are naturally delighted to be recognised time after time for our passion and dedication to Family Day Care, and thank all of our staff, Educators, families and children who have all played their part in making Kids at Home the best Family Day Care Service in Australia!

Quality Rating

Kids at Home has been assessed through National Quality Standards and has received an overall rating of “Exceeding National Quality Standards”.

Become an educator!

Perhaps you have not been working while you care for your own children?

Or you could be looking for a change of direction? You are considering a job in child care?

Do you realise you can run your own business, working from home caring for children?

Our Philosophy

We support the belief that childhood is a unique and critical stage of life. We are fully committed to the care, nurturing and development of children, whilst also providing support and respect for families.

Relationships and Communication

Kids at Home work with, and listen to, our Educators. They are a fundamental part of our service, and very much a key part of our team. We believe creating an environment where open bidirectional communication and strong relationships between staff, Educators and families can flourish.

In our multicultural society, we aim to engender a sense of belonging for families of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds by creating an environment which supports and caters for the values and diversity of individual families.

Child Development

We support the belief that children develop cognitive, physical, creative, emotional and social skills through play and positive learning experiences. By providing children with the freedom to interact with the people and the environment around them, we can contribute to the development of a positive self image, autonomy and independence.

Kids at Home recognise that each child is an individual and that they develop at different stages. In our service each child is encouraged to reach their full potential through a range of experiences that are planned to meet their individual interests, strengths and abilities.

We are committed to providing a high quality educational and stimulating daily play based program in a positive environment, enabling children to grow and thrive. Family Day Care complements the home by providing a loving, stable and secure environment, ensuring children feel confident, comfortable and respected.

Our World

We believe everything on this earth needs to be treated with respect and actions we take consider the needs of future generations. We aim to empower children, families, colleagues and each other to recognise that our own sustainable practice, no matter how small, is a step towards a sustainable future.

We encourage taking a wide view of the world, our people, our country and its cultural diversity, whilst ensuring a connection with the land and the traditional custodians of our land to nourish our souls and experience our shared culture and history.

By providing children with opportunities to connect with nature, learn about our environment and our impact upon it, we will aid the development of responsible environmental awareness enabling them to make choices and decisions that will effectively influence the state of the natural world.

The Kids at Home Family Day Care Service is licensed by the Queensland Office for Early Childhood Education and Care Department of Education and Training and approved by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, and is a member of the Australian Family Day Care Association and a member and Board member the Family Day Care Association of Queensland.

Do you need child care?

Using a Family Day Care Service is a flexible alternative to long day care, in home care or child care centres, providing your child with care in a nurturing home based environment, and you with peace of mind. It can be particularly useful for parents who work shifts or hours that would normally be a problem for child care, or it could even supplement extended family care arrangements providing occasional care. Either way, why don’t you contact us to find out more?