Family day care has been providing quality home-based child care for Australian families for over 30 years.

The service caters for babies to pre-teens offering care and education safe, secure and stimulating home environments during standard hours, before and after school, during holidays and also overnight and weekends.

There are over 4500 family day care schemes across Australia. Each scheme is comprised of a central coordination unit, educators, and the families utilising the services.

About Family Day Care Educators

Family day care Educators (previously called care providers or carers) are people whose personal qualities reflect community diversity – of families, values and cultures – empathy, warmth, flexibility, professionalism and maturity. A commitment to nurturing and caring for children a given. Many care providers have their own children of varying ages, and all have experience with children.

Educators are recruited, trained and resourced by the coordination unit, which also supports and monitors individual care providers services. The resourcing and back-up support provided by the coordination unit sets family day care apart from sole carers and nanny services.

With access to continued learning and leading thinking in child care, family day care educators have access to the most unique training structure within the child care sector.

About Coordination Units

The main role of the coordination unit is to support and resource the highest standard of family day care for children. They are there to discuss your childcare needs, to provide information about child care and to assist you to find the right carer and environment for your child. They are also there to monitor your child’s wellbeing, learning and progress.

The coordination unit works in partnership with care providers to uphold organisational values, meet required legislation, National Standards and the formal Family Day Care Quality Assurance system.

Educators are visited regularly by trained fieldworkers who also run play sessions and offer toy library services to ensure that children have a variety of stimulating play experiences.

Many family day care schemes also host websites and offer newsletters for parent and educator communication. If your educator is sick or plans to take leave, the coordination unit can offer a relief care or back up service arrangement with minimal disruption to your child.

Coordination units receive funding from the Australian Government to support the network of educators providing quality child care in different locations within the family day care scheme. Family fee subsidies (Child Care Benefit (CCB) are administered by the coordination unit. Families using family day care may also apply for the Child Care Tax Rebate (CCTR).

Become an educator!

Perhaps you have not been working while you care for your own children?

Or you could be looking for a change of direction? You are considering a job in child care?

Do you realise you can run your own business, working from home caring for children?

Family Day Care Australia

Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) is family day care’s national peak body. Their role is to support, enhance and resource family day care services, and lead the way for family day care in the Australian child care industry. They work on behalf of the family day care community – care providers, coordination unit staff, families and operators/sponsors – to ensure the strength and continued growth of family day care in Australia.a>





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Family Day Care Australia

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