Operating a Family Day Care business gives you a unique opportunity to work from home as your own boss, choosing the hours you work, and potentially earning a very good income

Kids at Home are committed to Family Day Care, and we believe in working with our Educators closely, building strong, supportive, long term relationships. Like our Educators, Family Day Care is our business and our passion.

Kids at Home Family Day Care was born out of our desire to provide the best possible family day care service we can, and we are looking for expressions of interest, either from existing Educators (previously known as Care Providers) or people who want to make a living running a childcare business from home.

Our Educators range from mothers, also caring for their own children, to people who want the convenience of deciding when and what hours they work. They could be mums, dads, grandparents, or just like us – passionate about early childhood and child care.

Is Family Day Care For You?

Do you want to become a Family Day Educator? Perhaps you are considering returning to work, or bored with your current job, you might want to spend more time with your children, or just seek the flexibility to work your own hours. Maybe all of those!

If so, Family Day Care represents a great opportunity to work from home, to create a successful business, and to earn a very good, even great income. But, of course, there are things you need to consider;

  • You will need to have a home suitable for Family Day Care, but we can help you evaluate that.
  • You will need to think about what it will mean to have children in your home, and how or if it will affect your own family.
  • You will need to be qualified to a minimum of ECEC/EC Certificate III or enrolled and actively studying.
  • You will need to be self reliant and able to organise and manage your time and activities well.
  • You will be running your own business, with all the benefits that brings, such as working your own hours, working from home (no more commuting for you!), but you won’t be alone, the Kids at Home Coordination Unit will be with you every step of the way.
  • You will need to comply with all relevant legislation and policies, and you will need to be committed to providing a caring, nurturing and safe environment for the kids in your care. Again our Coordinators will help you with this.

Care requirements vary with the demands on families these days and could include full time, part time, extended hours, overnight, weekend, shift work, rotating rosters and 24 hour care for emergency or special circumstances. You are able to choose how many, and the ages of children (ranging from 6 weeks to 13 years old), you would like to care for. Government legislation determines the number of children in care at any given time.

The team at Kids at Home are Family Day Care professionals and look forward to providing you with whatever information you need and helping you work out if Family Day Care is right for you.

We are looking for; East Brisbane Family Day Care Educators, South Brisbane Family Day Care Educators, West Brisbane Family Day Care Educators and North Brisbane Family Day Care Educators, basically in all Brisbane suburbs.

What Support Do You get?

As as new Family Day Care Educator you will be assisted by our team of Family Day Care professionals, or you might be an existing Family Day Care Provider looking for a change. For both existing and new potential Educators, check out our resources here.