Child Care Vacancies in Rothwell

We have vacancies for care in Rothwell with our excellent Educator Jess, but don’t take our word for it, see what one of our parents had to say about it;

“Our daughter (19 months old) has been in Jess’s care for just over 2 months and the change in her has been fantastic. The smaller “Family Day Care” environment is exactly what our daughter needed to learn and move forward in her developmental stages in her life. We moved from a larger day care due to various issues that plague most larger day-care’s, and the decision has been the best we’ve made for her so far. The smaller one on one interaction has helped her focus, learn more, and experiment with things not possible in larger groups. Jess’s youth and enthusiasm has her thinking outside the square for activities and learning and everyday is different giving our daughter the variety she enjoys and she is flourishing. We were very hesitant at first removing our daughter from the child care centre, but now we look back and wish we’d done this from the start.”

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