Kids at Home Exceeding National Quality Standards

Exceeding National Quality Standards

Kids at Home has recently been assessed through the brand new National Quality Standards and has received an overall rating of “Exceeding National Quality Standards”.

The National Quality Standards have only been implemented since January 2012 and Kids at Home were one of the first children’s services to be assessed under the new rating system. We volunteered to be one of the first to go through this process as we recognise this as a great opportunity to assist us improve our quality practices and operating systems, and generally ensure we are providing excellence in all areas of our Family Day Care service.

The National Quality Framework aims to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in services across Australia, the commitment shown by the members of your service to successfully complete this assessment and rating cycle will no doubt help to foster a culture of continuous quality improvement.

Kids at Home were particularly commended by the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care.

“Your service is commended on its achievements in providing quality outcomes for children. In particular the relationship with children, families, communities and the extensive support of the coordination unit demonstrates a commitment to quality by educators and the coordination unit staff. It is recommended that the coordination unit, educators and families continue to reflect on current practice to maintain the quality outcomes evident during this assessment and rating process.”

Office of Early Childhood Education and Care






Our Early Childhood Manager, from the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care acknowledged the efforts of management, Educators, staff and others involved in preparing for, and participating in, the assessment and rating process and wished us well in our important work with children and families.

We would particularly like to thank our Educators for doing the great job they do with the provision of  quality early learning experiences for children to participate in, and maintaining the best possible environment for all round quality of care for our children.

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