Cost of Childcare to Rise? Not for Family Day Care

The Federal Government is considering proposals that ensure all child care staff are TAFE or university qualified and that more staff should be employed to increase staff-to-child ratios at centres.

A panel of 11 child care professionals and development experts has told the Government the ratio of staff to children has to increase to provide children with the best start before school, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Childcare Minister Kate Ellis promised to create a curriculum for 4 year olds that “allows kids to be kids”, while ensuring they don’t miss out on crucial learning. The new early learning framework will be implemented this year. More information can be found here.

Family Day Care ratios have always been low and there has always been a strong emphasis on play based learning and the development of children’s self esteem.

While these changes may affect child care centres, they are unlikely to affect family day care pricing or policies.

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