Another kick in the backside for Family Day Care

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10th May 2015

Federal Government Families Package

Another kick in the backside for FDC- does this government really want to offer flexible education and care?

Dear Members

Please find attached to this email blast a copy of the Federal Government media release in regards to the child care package.

There are some key issues for us to be aware of:

  1. This will not take place until after the next election for the 2017/2018 financial year.
  2. All current funding CCB, CCR, CSP (those eligible) will be frozen until 2017/2018.
  3. CSP funding will cease in total from the end of June 2016.
  4. The capped amount (benchmark fee)for FDC will be $10.70 as opposed to LDC $11.55, OSHC $10.10 and $7 for nannies.
  5. To calculate the median price for the 2017/2018 financial year FDC will only be increased by 5.75% as opposed 17.5% for LDC and OSHC.
  6. The government statement that FDC has lower overheads.
  7. We will lose our part—time loading of 133.33%.

The issues above highlight the importance of our clear communication to government and media moving forward.

It appears that FDC is certainly likely to come out the loser in this child care package. Losing the part time loading will mean that it will be more expensive for families who use a lot of non-standard hours of care as the rate stays the same regardless of when you use it.

The low benchmark for nannies will not make this an affordable choice for the average family unless you have 3 children to be cared for.

I agree simplifying the payment of subsidy is a great way forward, however government have not understood FDC once again and are certainly not delivering on meeting the flexible needs of families.

Of the other packages that are meant to support rural-remote and disadvantage communities and families- the devil will be in the detail and will certainly have me waiting with baited breath to see what will really happen for families.

The whole of the ECEC sector once again is not valued. The government has chosen not to validate the poor wages and the need to support ECEC workers with professional development. Not to mention the importance of quality education and care for children- not just about work force participation.

Let’s band together and make sure we are ready to send our message.

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