ACRI Warning Bulletin

Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI) November 2011 Bulletin

It’s not ‘Good’!…… It’s definitely not ‘Great’!

In fact, it’s extremely POOR!



The ‘Great Wall V240’ Dual Cab utility has a potential risk to all child restraint service professionals.

A foreseeable misuse issue arises with the way that the vehicle is presented to the public. Behind the usual ‘seat back’ (the most common place a restraint installer will look for the anchorage locations) we find three cutaway trim access holes and pressed steel connecting points available to use, it seems:

The problem:

If you venture into the VOH (Vehicle Owners handbook) you may find a warning note, not to use these for child restraints. This is the only warning they have provided!

(ACRI has a positive resolution at least to a similar issue with the Mercedes Benz Vito.)

When we discussed this with the ‘Ateco’ (Great Wall distributor) representative the responses were:

1. “This type of vehicle does not need to supply CR anchorage locations.”

2. “These holes are for vehicle production purposes only.”

3. “We can’t be responsible for how a person uses their motor vehicle”

From our perspective these are all extremely poor responses.

‘Great Wall’ has created a potentially litigious situation for restraint service providers with this vehicle. This one’s a lesson to us all. Just because it LOOKS like a child restraint anchorage doesn’t mean it’s meant to be used as one. If you come across a car you haven’t seen before, make sure you check the owner’s handbook before proceeding with the installation. Extra caution may be necessary with vehicles new to the Australian marketplace.

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